The Glory is the focal point of the Omniverse; located in its very centre with the bubble of Omniverse forming a perfect sphere around it. It is the progenitor for the existence of everything else within the Omniverse.




The Glory can typically manifest as a flay platform of indetirminable size; shaped as a large circle surrounding two overlapping squares which in turn contain four smaller circles bordering each other. The whole platform is split into two equal halves coloured black on one size and whtie on the other.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


The Glory is the only known source and user of Omnipotence. It is able to create, manipulate or destroy anything without limit within the Omniverse; so therefore effectively The Glory is invincible and is capable of any known ability on its own. The only hypothetical limitation to its power is that it ends at Nullspace which is the border where the Omniverse ends.